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Broken Bones

Friday, November 08, 2013

Working in collaboration with MatOrtho® and the University Hospitals Bristol Foundation NHS Trust, Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) has been awarded £642k by the National Institute of Health Research’s Invention for Innovation Programme to develop this innovative device.

The repositioning of bone fragments close to or involving a patient’s joint can present a real challenge for the surgeon: Repositioning often requires a large incision, which can result in wound pain, scarring, infection and long hospital stays.

To avoid this, the surgeon may employ minimally invasive techniques, but bone fragments cannot be reliably put back together there is a risk of a prolonged radiation exposure during surgery and, in the longer term, arthritis and disability.

The key is to combine the minimally invasive approach with a reliable means to control the repositioning of the bone fragments.

Speaking about the project, Dr Sanja Dogramadzi of BRL said, “This collaboration is all about taking the latest advances in technology and using them in a real application, which will have direct benefits to patients.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Roger Atkins (University Hospital Bristol) added, “Surgeons have highly specialised skills and expertise, but robotic technology can enhance those skills for the benefit of patients."

“As part of the research we have been talking to patients about how they view the use of robots as part of surgery and in the vast majority of cases, patients expressed positive views on this, if it will mean better treatment and faster healing.”

Mike Tuke, Chairman of MatOrtho®, said, “We are delighted to be part of this groundbreaking project, which could revolutionise the way these complicated fractures are managed. The prospects are very exciting for patients, surgeons and the orthopaedic industry in general.”

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